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I know from personal experience that the concepts of the NOW WHAT program work.

They helped me transition from a 25-year career in IT sales that I hated to opening a new business that I loved. After I completed the program and implemented all the changes I needed to make, my life took a dramatic and lasting turn for the better.

But please don’t just take my word about the NOW WHAT program. Below are comments from some of the clients whom I’ve had the pleasure of coaching.


“Major Changes in My Life”

Steve was an amazing resource who helped me to make major changes in my life. After focusing more on my unrecognized strengths, I created a business plan and made an intercontinental move. I was able to keep my fears under control and Steve helped me stay accountable to my goals.

Having a coach to encourage me with my plan made all the difference. I realized things about myself that are invaluable. My limiting beliefs no longer keep me from taking action. And I’ve learned not to be scared of rejection. Now, almost one year later, I am seeing success. I love running my own business. I’m so grateful. Thank you!”

Sara Riccio

“I’m a different person now”

“Steve, I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have been able to work with you through the Now What program. At the end of the process I am a much different person than I was going in!

I now have a much clearer vision and more positive outlook for my future. I am very excited to experience the person I get to be as my career moves forward thanks to your expert guidance!

Thanks again.”

Christopher Fullam

“I was able to find a new direction…”

“The Now What? program and Steve Borek’s coaching were instrumental in helping me create the life I’m living today. Working with Steve every week, I was able to get clear about my purpose and change my mindset from one of scarcity to one of abundance.

His expert coaching helped me set goals and take action to achieve those goals. I was able to find a new direction that I hadn’t been able to see before, and I found new possibilities in life that brought new excitement and fulfillment.”

Barry Mangione

“Now What” is like a great foreign country that everyone should visit with Steve as your tour guide.”

“Working with Steve on “Now What” was a fresh approach to tackling that burning question, “what is next for me?” The twelve week process was exceptional. It took me from a place of feeling like I was grabbing at anything I could get hold of to a place of standing from above looking at my options and intentionally picking and/or going for what I want based on what my passions are.

Since I completed this process, I feel free and focused and see the results of this process manifest in my life every day. I have a clear direction and I also now have the tools to go back and use the lessons from the three months if I need to check in and reset something. “Now What” is like a great foreign country that everyone should visit with Steve as your tour guide.”

Andrea Jacobs

Steve Borek has helped these clients to find a new and fulfilling direction for their lives. He can do the same for you. Contact Steve today!

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